Working Capital When You Need It Most

Are you currently experiencing cash flow constraints due to
  Unforseen expenses
  Purchasing more inventory
  A need for new equipment
  Revamps and refurbishments
  Employing more staff
  General maintenance
  Retail seasonality
Revenue is vanity. Profit is sanity. Cash is reality.
As business owners ourselves, we understand how critical cash flow is in the daily operations of your business. We also know the challenges in trying to access funds in order to address immediate cash constraints.

Our bespoke solution allows us to provide you with an upfront cash payment in exchange for the purchase of a portion of your future sales. The amount that we purchase of your future sales is collected by taking an agreed fixed percentage of your daily sales. There is no fixed term or fixed instalment.

Grow, don't just owe

With our innovative cash funding solution, you can grow your business further.
We purchase a portion of your future sales at a discount in exchange for an upfront cash payment of the purchase price .

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Flexible repayment

No fixed term or fixed instalments.
We take an agreed percentage of your future daily sales until the purchased amount is paid off.

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Quick application process

Apply online with a few easy steps.
Get pre-approval within 48 hours. and funding within a few days.

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